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Hello there on CBDreamers! We are the first online cannabidiol research center! We are fully committed to improving our visitors wellness and standard of living with effective anxiety and pain management. Our journey began in early 2017 when we noticied a buzz in social networks and media about CBD oil and how it works against chronic pain and other hard diseases. Cannabidiol oil seemed to be working for much more people than any product or supplement we had seen before.

The popularity of cannabidiol products increased. But we noticed that there was not much trustworthy information about CBD oil in the web. The worse part we saw that many people were scammed by unscrupulous companies. CBD is a great substance, but it’s not right for everyone. Everyone must fully understand the benefits and potential side effects of taking CBD. So we decided to educate consumers and let them to make their own decisions about CBD products without marketing nonsense. And we created CBDreamers with educational articles and reviews of main CBD oil brands. We also began testing best CBD brands. We did our best. Now, after reading our guides, everyone can improve his quality of life with amazing CBD!

Our goal is to defend the rights of consumers, and we want everyone has access to high quality products from reliable companies. We offer educational and informational information for those who is interested in using CBD oil. We do not own any company that sells CBD products.

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