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It could be an ancient back pain you struggle with for ages. You may suffer from insomnia or a really harsh sleep. Particular affections and various pain and inflammations are not to be overlooked either. While many of these issues can be handled with harsh addictive medication or totally untreatable, CBD oil steps in order to reduce the symptoms.

CBD is a component of hemp. It is perfectly legal, as it has no THC. THC is the illegal component though. For this reason, you can find CBD products in pretty much any shop – online stores, offline shops, vaping shops, petrol stations and even supermarkets. Most of them cost nothing and promise to take you out of misery, be it depression, anxiety or pain.

The bad news is that most of these products do not have the optimal doses of CBD. Furthermore, there are more reasons wherefore they are so cheap. Apart from a low dosage, they are also processed in unhealthy ways. The hemp is not organic, so you practically administer yourself a nice amount of heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals too.

Reputable manufacturers cost more, but you know you get the real thing. So, how about CBD American Shaman? Is this brand any worth?

About CBD American Shaman

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, CBD American Shaman is one of the leading hemp suppliers in North America. The company produces all kinds of hemp based products – CBD based, to be more specific. They are legal in every state of the country, as well as many other countries. None of its products has any THC in its composition, so they are virtually legal everywhere.

CBD American Shaman has joined ValidCare to study and understand the impact of CBD on wellness. It is not a new thing at all. People from all over the world have been advocating the health benefits of hemp for ages. Unfortunately, no one thought to extract the CBD separately from the THC, meaning it was illegal back then. These days, everything is different.

CBD can be taken without a medical subscription. It is a supplement and not a medication. This is why it is widely available everywhere. Customers must be 18 years old to buy it though. Other than that, it is worth mentioning that apart from improving people’s lives, CBD American Shaman is also involved in various philanthropic activities and sustainability projects.

Tests and transparency

All the hemp used in CBD American Shaman’s products is organic. All products are perfectly legal due to the lack of THC. Some products are also gluten free – not all of them though. Each item is described on the official website, so you can double check whether or not it is suitable for you. The list of ingredients and compositions are fully transparent.

Each batch is individually tested with the Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography. CBD American Shaman conducts its own laboratory tests. However, the company also sends batch samples to third party laboratories for extra tests – not biased, but fully independent. In other words, everything about the composition of these products is transparent.

Products are not tested to be GMO, chemical, heavy metal and pesticide free only. Instead, they are also tested for the optimal dosage – otherwise, they would be completely useless.

CBD American Shaman Product Range

The shop is quite diversified – one of the most complete stores on the market. You have lots of criteria to organize and adjust your search. You can buy classic CBD oils, as well as topicals, gummies, pills or capsules. Some categories include CBD beauty products, but you may find stuff specifically designed for relief, wellness or even pets.

Not all products are THC free. Those with THC have a small dose though, meaning they are still legal. Flavors are even more diversified – there are around 30 of them. The same rule applies to the strength. You will have to get the right strength based on the problem you are trying to ameliorate – if not sure, get in touch with the customer service.

Most products are always in stock. Should anything run out, it will be resupplied within hours only. You can also read a bunch of customers’ reviews on each product. There are dozens and even hundreds of ratings, instructions, ingredients, size, strength and certifications. Practically, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Prices and discounts

Prices vary widely from one product to another. There are two major considerations that affect the price. One of them is the size of the container, while the other one is the strength. Some of the cheapest products include CBD Krispy Cereal Marshmallow Treats – $9.95, similar cakes and brownies for the same price. Some cosmetics are also inexpensive – body lotions at $10.00 or lip revitalizers at $10.00.

When it comes to pricey stuff, the 500 Topical Cream sells for $109.99. This is currently the most expensive product in stock. An extra strong CBD substance that is soluble in water will go second – $89.99. Obviously, the strength in such products is higher, but the size is just as important.

Shipping options

You can shop online for extra convenience. Create an account – it takes a minute. Choose the product you need – this is the time consuming part because there are plenty of options out there. Shipping takes anywhere between two days and a week. Most items will arrive within five days only. Obviously, it depends on where you live too.

It is worth using the store locator link on the official website. Sometimes, it might be worth reaching to the nearest store, especially if you do not feel like waiting for a week. CBD American Shaman has multiple stores all over the USA – the closest one might be round the corner from you.

Return policies

CBD American Shaman accepts returns. Items are well packaged and wrapped for safety reasons. However, unexpected situations may always arise while shipping. You will have to take pictures of damaged items before returning them and sort the problem with the customer service upfront. Do it within a couple of days since you received the package.

You also have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, which needs to be addressed to the same department.

Website experience

The official CBD American Shaman website is quite easy to navigate. Once you get to the product, you will find them displayed by relevance. You can then sort them by various criteria, not to mention all the categories on the left side – flavors and strength levels too. There are dozens of products to choose from, so it might be wise to know what you want upfront.

There is a main menu on top of the page. You have access to details about the company, a blog, frequently asked questions, education and all the products. There is also a secondary menu at the bottom of the page. It is more technical and business oriented – press, store locator, cart, franchising opportunities, affiliates and so on.

The website is simplistic, fast and intuitive – no one could get stuck on it.

Customer experience

CBD American Shaman maintains quick and efficient communication with both current and potential customers. It provides all kinds of feedback when prompted. For instance, feel free to discuss your CBD needs with a customer service representative, especially if you are not sure what you need for your condition – type of CBD product, strength, dose frequency and so on.

Whether it comes to positive or negative comments, the customer service will always be in touch with you. You can access the same knowledgeable reps over a plethora of social media articles – quite handy actually, since they also post informative articles and blog posts to keep the audience entertained.

All in all, whether it comes to questions, ideas, advice, complaints or suggestions, you will always get a prompt answer in no time. You can contact CBD American Shaman by post, email, in person or phone. Social media is also handy.


You will find lots of positive reviews on pretty much any social media channel, as well as independent websites. Negative reviews are quite rare. There is one thing that sets CBD American Shaman apart – it leaves negative comments on its website too. Most of the reviews are positive though.

“Dealing with the insomnia associated with excessive tiredness was impossible – you know, when you are too tired to fall asleep. CBD was the only remedy that helped.”

“I have had six surgeries in the past and I still experience painful episodes. CBD is my only relief.”


As a short final conclusion, it is no surprise why CBD American Shaman is so well rated. Quality has always come first for this brand. It can easily keep up with modern demands, but more importantly, its products are quite accessible (in terms of pricing) without compromising quality or strength. While you can still find a negative idea here and there, there are thousands of positive thoughts and reviews.

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