20 Best CBD Oils Of 2021 – Which Brands You Can Trust?

Do CBD oils really work?

Consuming top quality or a highly reliable brand of cannabidiol oil has proven to be highly effective. In all truthfulness, CBD oil that ranks high in terms of its quality can in fact do wonders to a person’s health and wellbeing. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain or anxiety, it can help provide much needed relief.

Knowing how to select the right CBD oil for pain relief is essential but before we get into that, here are some of the best CBD oils on our list that you can look into. All the products on our list below have been reviewed thoroughly to ensure that they fit a variety of needs.

TOP 20 CBD OILS 2020

1. American Shaman CBD

Effectiveness 98%
Quality 98%
Taste & Consistency 94%
Customer Service 95%
Price 98%

American shaman offers properly tested CBD oil products available at a reasonable price. It has released its products in packages of different sizes to serve every consumer. You can find American Shaman CBD oil in a range of versions. One of them is CBD oil tincture in four levels of strengths (150mg, 750mg, 450mg, and 300mg). Lots of consumers choose water-soluble tinctures from American shaman. Some products have no THC, while others have 0.3% THC maintaining the legal standard. Full-spectrum, CBD hemp oil capsules are also effective choice. You can buy a jar of 60 or 30 capsules (one capsule contains CBD of about 15mg).

American Shaman relies on an automated Molecular Distillation method, helping in the purification of compounds that run through a column with cooled and heated zones. The innovative process helps in terpenes intact, and you can find a high consistency in your products. Water-soluble CBD oil ensures better and faster absorption of oil. You will find therapeutic effects from using the oil.

You may also blend the oil with food, drinks, and water. Moreover, American shaman CBD oil pleases you with its natural flavor. There is no artificial component used for this product to ensure the safety of users.

2. CBDfx

Effectiveness 97%
Quality 97%
Taste & Consistency 95%
Customer Service 93%
Price 97%

CBDfx manufactures a variety of products, and it is available in two types. One type of CBDfx Oil is a vape additive, and you have to inhale it by using a vape pen. While you are using CBD e-cig juices, you may add this oil to enjoy vaping the juice. You can find the oil in 10mL bottles in different CBD potencies (120mg, 500mg, 300mg, and 60mg). Some customers choose 3-packs or 2-packs of this CBD oil.

Another type of CBD oil of this brand is a tincture. When you think of taking CBD oils orally, you may choose this tincture. Take some drops of this oil and apply them to your sublingual position. Thus, you need to ingest this CBD oil to get benefits from it. You can buy 30mL bottles found in a range of potencies- 1500mg, 500mg, and 1000mg.

Both these types of CBD oil are effective and serve your purposes. As one of the reliable brands, CBDfx chooses an eco-friendly method to draw out CO2. That is why it turns out clean and full-spectrum CBD oil, which has no residues and chemicals. You may try out this branded CBD oil and find the result from consuming them.

3. Green Roads

Effectiveness 96%
Quality 97%
Taste & Consistency 96%
Customer Service 95%
Price 96%

The Florida-based CBD Company, Green Roads, offers a variety of products, and its CBD oils are effective for solving health issues. You can consume Green Roads CBD oil to maintain your sleep pattern, reduce the stress, increase your focus, minimize your muscle soreness, and keep up the balance.

There are varying levels of potencies and strengths found in Green Roads CBD oil. You may prefer the mild, mighty, or moderate one. However, the administration process has no difference. You need to take a dropper bottle and apply oil drops under the tongue. After 60 seconds, you can start swallowing it.

Green Roads manufactures broad-spectrum CBD oil that blends hemp seed oil and Kosher vegetable glycerin. The CBD concentration can range from 7mg to 58 mg per milliliter. This broad-spectrum oil is something between pure CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD. The flavor is one of the factors for consumers. Green Road CBD Oil is a creamy, viscous component with a yellowish look. You can find a hempy fragrance from this oil and the aroma is similar to that of vegetable glycerin taste.

Green Roads offers CBD oil for human beings and pets. The pets’ oil is available mostly as drops. Therefore, you can invest in the right product based on your needs.

4. Endoca

Effectiveness 96%
Quality 95%
Taste & Consistency 93%
Customer Service 87%
Price 95%

Endoca is one of the US-based companies providing CBD products that benefit your health in different. Pesticide-free, organic, CBD oil of this brand is of two types- CBD RAW hemp oil and CBD hemp oil. Endoca offers certified, lab-tested products for consumers.
When you prefer taking the oil sublingually, you can buy CDB hemp oil drops.

However, CBD Raw hemp oil drops from Endoca are best for those who consume raw food diets regularly. This CBD hemp oil is in pure version, containing cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. The manufacturers do not apply heat to produce CBD RAW oil, enriched with Vitamin E.

Endoca strives to keep up the natural traits of hemp oil to help you in getting optimized benefits. You will enjoy an earthy flavor from this oil. You can find medium-thick consistency in Endoca oil available in green or golden color. The color indicates the type of CBD hemp oil used in the product. The raw oil is green due to the unfiltered plant material, while the decarboxylated one has a golden tint. Both these types of oil are available in 10ml bottle with 300 mg of CBD in every container. Endoca also sells CBD capsules and suppositories for its consumers.

5. Medterra

Effectiveness 96%
Quality 94%
Taste & Consistency 96%
Customer Service 90%
Price 94%

Medterra team always goes through a scientific process to manufacture reliable CBD products. For its CBD oil, manufacturers have used CBD, full spectrum oils, MCT oil, cannabinoids, natural citrus flavorings, terpenes, and coconut oil. Use the oil 1 to 3 times every day to get the desired result. You can find zero THC in Medterra CBD oil. Other CBD-infused products of this brand include CBD isolate, vaporizers, and capsules. When you look for flavorless content, you will find an isolated CBD tincture.

Most of the brands use sickly-sweet flavors for hiding the hemp taste. While they do not add flavors, it is not much pleasant to you. However, the unflavored tincture of Medterra is highly different.

Medterra CBD Tinctures with a CBD isolate formula are available to you in the varied level of strengths (500mg, 3000mg, and 1000mg). Each bottle of this oil contains 1 mL of oil, and you will have 30 servings from using this oil. Broad-spectrum CBD tinctures of Medterra contain additional beneficial components, like CBG, CBC, CBN, natural terpenes, and CBDV.

MedTerra team has taken part in the Hemp Pilot Research Program in Kentucky, and that’s why it is easy for them to maintain the best quality.

6. Sol CBD

Effectiveness 95%
Quality 92%
Taste & Consistency 91%
Customer Service 93%
Price 93%

Sol CBD produces high-quality CBD oil tested in a third-party lab. CBD oil tinctures, manufactured by this brand, have two different strengths. These tinctures come in a 300mg bottle. However, in a bigger bottle of 3600mg bottle, you will find something stronger. Per dose of this bottle contains 3 times more CBD. The smaller package has two flavors- natural and cinnamint.

However, the stronger CBD tincture does not offer any flavor option. The hemp, present in this oil, makes the product more effective. It is easy to use tincture oils, as you have to apply them under the tongue. SOL CBD oil helps in protecting your body, strengthening your immunity, reducing your inflammation, maintaining brain health, and ensuring sound sleep.

You may also buy Liposomal CBD manufactured with innovative technology. Each Liposomal CBD bottle has Liposomal CBD has 30ml of liquid, containing CBD of 30mg. You can put pumps into your glass of water to drink it once every day. With some additional terpenes and cannabinoids, Liposomal CBD becomes effective for treating different symptoms. You can enjoy a fruity flavor and good taste while consuming this product. SOL also manufactures CBD capsules for consumers.

7. Elixinol

Effectiveness 91%
Quality 95%
Taste & Consistency 93%
Customer Service 92%
Price 93%

Elixinol is one of the Colorado-based companies manufacturing CBD products of different types to serve diverse customers. The manufacturer uses a specialized process to draw out CO2 and give you the best health benefits. Elixinol CBD line of products includes a variety of items. One of them is Respira that emits natural flavors, like green mint. There are two options to choose the strength level- 300mg and 600mg.

Elixinol has tested its products to ensure the presence of no harmful component. Another product from this brand is CBD hemp oil, available in 3600mg and 300mg. A high dose of CBD oil will help you in getting relief. The third product is Extrato Rico Em CBD Canabidiol, where you can find highest strength of the tincture. However, there is MCT coconut oil instead of vegetable glycerin for the formulation.

Elixinol CBD Liposomes also has become a reliable product for consumers. The hemp oil used for this product gets into your body very fast. Liposomes have two levels of potencies- 1000mg and 300mg. Lots of consumers prefer this product to get a refreshing feel and a good fruity taste. Elixinol has used a spill-proof container, integrated with pump dispensers, to give convenience to users.

8. Diamond CBD

Effectiveness 93%
Quality 94%
Taste & Consistency 96%
Customer Service 85%
Price 92%

Diamond CBD is one of the premium-grade products with a GMP certification. The manufacturer has used naturally grown hemp to provide you with quality products. Presently, Diamond CBD offers more than 600 products. To get the best sensation of vaping, you can invest in Diamond CBD Vape oils. Lots of consumers choose vaping oil as an acceptable version for consuming CBD. The presence of terpenes and a range of flavors is one of the characteristics of Diamond CBD oil. When you have chosen CBD vaping oil of this brand, you have two options- unflavored and flavored.

You can blend vape juices with Diamond CBD Vape oil as a way of customization. It is legal to use this oil in most of the states of the USA. Moreover, in Diamond CBD products, there is a very low amount of THC, and that is why you can avoid legal issues while consuming them. You have to check out CBD concentrations to buy the product. A bottle of 5ml contains 0.25mg of cannabinoids. Every user reacts differently to CBD concentrations. Thus, you may start with the lowest concentration to avoid adverse effects. Try out Diamond CBD products and get the best feel.

9. Nanocraft

Effectiveness 92%
Quality 94%
Taste & Consistency 91%
Customer Service 88%
Price 92%

Nanocraft is a reliable brand, applying the latest technology to manufacturer its CBD products. The company, Nanocraft, focuses on the use of nanotechnology to turn out CBD. During the production, manufacturers suspend the major ingredients in nanoemulsions to increase the CBD bioavailability level.

Your body will absorb CBD in a better way. One of the best facts is that CBD users will not have a psychoactive high.
When you always desire getting benefit directly from CBD, you can choose Nanocraft CBD OIL Pure Formula. By consuming this product regularly, you will stay fit and maintain your vigor. This Pure Formula comes with an amazing ginger citrus taste due to the absence of any additive.

10% of the content comprises other cannabinoids, PCT Hemp oil, natural flavorings, and MCT Coconut Oil. Based on the strength level, you can buy different products of Nanocraft. In Pure Formula, there is 750mg of CBD, while Day and Night Formula has 300mg of CBD. Gold Series bottles are available in varying amounts of CBD. Nanocraft has released athlete-oriented CBD products. However, other consumers may also buy its products to treat chronic conditions of their health. Gluten-free, GMO-free, vegetarian products will be safe for your health.

10. Joy Organics

Effectiveness 93%
Quality 93%
Taste & Consistency 95%
Customer Service 86%
Price 92%

Joy Organics manufactures pharmaceutical-grade, broad-spectrum CBD oils. Their lab test ensures no trace of THC content. While you are looking for a natural solution for your chronic pain and insomnia, you may choose this product. Joy Organics claims that it has not used metals and harsh chemicals for its Farm Bill compliant products.

When you need the best quality CBD oil tincture for your pets, you can choose the product of Joy Organics. This brand also has released dog treats containing 2mg of CBD. As some of us have no time to create treats, the company has manufactured the tincture, directly applied to the mouth or foods of your pets.

For your inflammation and joint pain, you may purchase CBD Salve containing CBD, essential oils, and other ingredients. You will feel a soothing sensation in your skin. Some full-spectrum CBD products have a minimal amount of THC. However, Joy Organics has used advanced technology to manufacture these products. Although some of its products are costly, you will get higher benefits from investing in it. When you use the oil, you find your body absorbing it very fast. Thus, to get relief from pain, you may choose it as an alternative to medicines.

11. Sabaidee CBD

Effectiveness 91%
Quality 89%
Taste & Consistency 87%
Customer Service 92%
Price 90%

Getting just the right dosage to help aid chronic muscle and back pain can be rather difficult but not impossible. It is therefore vital for consumers to find a particular brand that provides options in terms of strength and potency.

One such brand is Sabaidee, it is designed with a potency range of as low as 250 mg to as much as 2,500mg. The range provides users some options so they can increase daily dosage if necessary. Additionally, this leading industry brand is known for their tireless efforts in ensuring that their products are of utmost quality and purity. The company regularly submits their product range for testing while making the results known to consumers.

Not only is the company dedicated to offering only the best CBD oil products, they are also invested in environmental issues. Every Sabaidee product purchased, a part of the sale goes directly to anti-deforestation efforts.

Shipping across the United States is offered by the brand free of charge.

12. Charlotte’s Web CBD

Effectiveness 88%
Quality 90%
Taste & Consistency 90%
Customer Service 82%
Price 88%

A known industry pioneer, and obviously we can say that Charlotte’s Web is one of the best CBD brands to turn to when it comes to premium CBD oil. There is no doubt that the company has in fact mastered their craftsmanship.

Like many brands, this one has a large range of hemp oils under its belt. Users can expect 17mg per every 1ml serving which is the perfect solution for those in need of relief from minor health issues.

For those who consider the dosage a bit too much especially for a beginner, it is possible to start out with a bottle with the lowest potency available. An alternative is to go for CBD that has 7mg per ml, this can be procured from either a 30ml or a 100ml bottle.

In an effort to be totally transparent to consumers, the brand allows the easy download of their product’s lab most recent lab results. This move, impressively gives customers a clear idea of what exactly it is you are putting in your body.

Throughout the entire production process, products are screened more than 20 times to ensure product quality and safety. These lab results can be accessed at any given time by nearly every person.

13. Spruce CBD

Effectiveness 92%
Quality 89%
Taste & Consistency 95%
Customer Service 85%
Price 88%

While Spruce does not rank as the most affordable brand for CBD products available today. There are, however, many consumers who still consider this as their go-to option when it comes to premium CBD oils.

The main reason many consider this their go-to brand is due to the fact that the company works with only 2 USA farms that are family owned. This is vital because it ensures that the resources are not only of the highest quality but are also safe for consumption.
Additionally, Spruce shudders third-party testing of their oils. The tests ensure that the oils are screened thoroughly keeping them free of pesticides, bacteria, and other substances that could contaminate the product.

Like many of the items on this list, every Spruce bottle contains less than 0.3% of THC. What this means is that they are completely legal to use and will not give consumers any psychoactive experiences. In terms of its potency, the options it affords is minimal. Despite this, there are enough options offered by the brand designed to address specific health concerns.

For instance, consumers in search of pain relief can opt for the brand’s 750 mg CBD tincture. While it may not be a highly potent CBD product, the oil is perfect for those who are experiencing mild discomfort.

14. CBDistillery

Effectiveness 88%
Quality 87%
Taste & Consistency 93%
Customer Service 91%
Price 87%

Made with organic hemp with 0% GMO, CBDistillery sources its supplies from Colorado farms. Doing so not only ensures purity but also consumer safety. Many CBD oil fans turn to this brand since their oils are crafted without artificial flavors or additives.

Rich with B-complex, the oils produced by CBDistillery contain fatty acids along with the essential 20 amino acids. While there are trace amounts of THC to be found, the levels are within legal range.

Regular product testing and the results are made available to the public. For the brand, consumer trust is paramount. Transparency in product ingredients is another key element that many customers appreciate. Knowing the actual contents of each bottle puts user’s minds at ease.

CBD users in search of a full spectrum tincture that is strong and fast can opt for the brand’s 2,500 mg which fans consider to be an excellent choice.

15. cbdMD

Effectiveness 85%
Quality 87%
Taste & Consistency 82%
Customer Service 88%
Price 87%

Made of all natural ingredients, cbdMD oil is even processed and packed in an environmentally conscious manner. Those who are avid supporters of ethical acquisition of consumer goods, should be more than encouraged to procure from the brand for those two aforementioned reasons.

In terms of quality, cannabidoil from cbdMD does not disappoint. The brand is committed to producing only the highest quality CBD goods at a very competitive level. The company, regularly batch tests their product in order to roll out only premium CBD items to their consumers. It is common knowledge that the brand will not think twice when it comes to throwing out batches with negative test results. This commitment to perfection has made this manufacturer one of the most regarded in the industry.

There are three available product options that cbdMD offers. CBD oil is available in many variants from 300 to 5000 mg with 4 flavours. Suspended in MCT oil, this CBD allows for an efficient absorption of the oil in the human body. The presence of coconut oil in CBD actually significantly increases its bioavailability. Unlike most starters, this one, comes with 4 flavours.

On the other hand, those who aren’t new to CBD oils and are looking to maintain their health and wellbeing can reach for the 750 mg bottle. While competitors offer discounts and limited promotions, cbdMD gives out 100% satisfaction guarantee. Consumers who find their product unsatisfactory can rely on the company’s return policy. Simple, direct to the point returns that do not leave customers overwhelmed. More importantly, the brand also offers new and old customers free shipping. Contact their customer support to learn more about their offers.

16. Fab CBD

Effectiveness 83%
Quality 88%
Taste & Consistency 90%
Customer Service 87%
Price 86%

Extracted through a carbon dioxide process – aka the safest processing method known in this industry, FAB CBD oil is made of all natural hemp that’s been sourced from Colorado. The plants utilized in manufacturing the oils are free of harmful chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides. That said, CBD fans can expect the CBD to have good consistence and quality.

The organic components are also a clear indication that the products are very safe to procure and of course to purchase. THC is less than 0.3% in FAB CBD oil, this legal dose can be verified that’s to the third party laboratory results the company is happy to share with consumers. Every bottle of CBD is vegan friendly and contains fatty acids that are good for the health. Users who have GMO concerns will be pleased to find that this product is a non GMO one.

As for its flavor, Fab CBD has yet to let someone down. Hemp’s natural earthy taste is beautifully baked by citrus flavored oils that lend a fresh taste to the product. When it comes to potency, there are 4 available options from 300 mg to 2400 mg. If you are uncertain of the potency content, you may reach the brands customer service for further info.

17. Hemp Bombs

Effectiveness 83%
Quality 81%
Taste & Consistency 89%
Customer Service 87%
Price 85%

Created from only organic industrial quality hemp, Hemp Bombs CBD is a result of an extraction process. This process complements the integration of CO2 into every batch, this ensures that no harmful chemicals, toxins, and heavy metal components are present and can affect the health and safety of loyal consumers.

Hemp Bombs CBD is made available to the public in 6 variants. Each offering is marketed to cater varying levels of potency. Each option allows users to select the strength that would address and relieve any symptoms. 125 mg is the recommended choice for individuals who are suffering from health issues that are at a mild level of discomfort. Bigger 300 mg oil bottle, by the way, contains 5 mg per serving. Users who are suffering from serious symptoms will benefit from the high potency level being sold by the brand. Every 400 mg bottle has been known to contain CBD that is 66.6 mg per serving.

Flavor wise, this broad spectrum oil can be procured in three exciting choices. The first is your standard unflavored oil — a perfect option for those who enjoy the natural hemp flavors that permeate each dosage. Individuals who are unable to withstand the earthy undertone of natural cannabidiol can opt for either a watermelon or a nice peppermint flavor. Many will agree that these are by far the most palatable CBD oils in the market today.

18. CBDPure

Effectiveness 86%
Quality 85%
Taste & Consistency 84%
Customer Service 80%
Price 83%

The golden yellow hue of CBDPure is a direct extraction process. The use of CO2 produces the yellow color which is considered by many as a pretty good sign of the purity level of this oil. And in relation is indicative of a successful filtration of plant materials and chlorophyll.

Smell is another huge factor to consider when it comes to ensuring the quality of a product. CBDPure CBD oil offers an earthy aroma which is standard in many hemp oils that are not infused with any other fluids or liquids.

When it comes to taste, expect a flavor that is mildly tart but none too offensive. Consumers will find three varying sizes and potency levels available under this brand. Individuals who are new to the product are advised to start out with a basic bottle of this CBD oil. This particular bottle size can offer 3.3mg per serving that is effective for the treatment of mild health issues. For those in search of a cost effective alternative or perhaps high doses can opt for a variant of 600mg. Their hemp oil extract contains terpenes, omega 3 and omega 6.

Aside from their lineup of CBD products, the brand also prides itself of its superb customer service. Both new and returning shoppers will find quick resolutions of inquiries from helpful and informative associates.

19. NuLeaf Naturals

Effectiveness 84%
Quality 80%
Taste & Consistency 89%
Customer Service 85%
Price 83%

100% organic, NuLeaf Naturals affords consumers with elite CBD oil that obviously has no GMO. Proven to be free from harmful additives and preservatives that are typically present in low grade oils being sold in the market. Like many other brands, NuLeaf asserts that all their cannabidiol oils are screened by a third party laboratory. Although this offers a degree of reassurance, the company however does not make it a habit to post and share any of the screening results on their site.

For countless manufacturers, transparency is a key element. It is a good way for consumers to know if a product is safe, pure, and verified accurately. Despite this little discrepancy, CBD oils are still one of the top options since it provides CBD that is full spectrum. Considerably one of the most beneficial in promoting faster muscle recovery for post workouts, CBD extracts work just as well as an excellent solution for decreasing pain related to osteoarthritis.

Furthermore, the brand also carries an extensive range of oils with different strengths and concentrations. This permits users to select a bottle based on the pain level experienced. Those who are having difficulty finding the right product to suit their needs may get in touch with the designated customer service team for assistance.

20. JustCBD

Effectiveness 79%
Quality 85%
Taste & Consistency 86%
Customer Service 84%
Price 81%

A new player in the CBD game, JustCBD Tincture is a brand that should not be overlooked. This up and coming company although still in its infancy is in fact a worthy contender in a market filled to the brim with heavy hitters.

The brand’s CBD oil come in a range of formulations. There’s the pure CBD solution and the traditional MCT oil. The typical MCT formula comes in both coconut and natural hemp flavor. What about potencies? JustCBD tinctures are marketed in up to 1500mg bottles. Every bottle has a dropper than is able to dispense as much as 10mg of CBD.

Non GMO hemp used in their products is sourced by the company from Oregon. Consumers are assured that all hemp plants used in the manufacturing process are organically farmed and are free of pesticides. These natural farming methods ascertain customer satisfaction from its quality and safety.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of those several cannabinoids or chemical compounds found in hemp plants. Once obtained from a hemp plant, a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil is used to dilute CBD as well as improve its bio-availability. The result is termed as CBD oil. There is no standard level of CBD concentration across the different CBD oils. Thus, in simple words, their potency will differ.

Thus, CBD oil is nothing but CBD filled with a carrier oil. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that works by reacting to the body receptors for triggering a calming effect. Consuming it in its oil form is one of the most popular ways to make it reach these receptors. Many CBD oil products imitate the material of naturally oily plant from which the oil is extracted. The plant’s CBD-rich parts such as flowers and leaves are innately viscous and oily.

CBD oil is, thus, directly extracted from the leaves as well as flowers of hemp plants. Thus, the outcome is already oily as well as thick. It is then prepared for infusions into other oils. Thus, while consuming CBD oil, you are tasting the natural flavor of CBD. Naturally viscous, CBD extracted each time from trichomes will have different potency, as per the CBD amount in trichomes as well as the extraction method used.

Although it is possible to manufacture this oil synthetically, it is usually harvested from industrial hemp. This is because it is the easiest way to get the oil. To harvest the oil, the manufacturers employ extraction solvents to split and gather CBD oils from the plant’s flowers, stalks, seeds, and leaves. The resultant oil is usually tested for cannabidiol matter and then treated in the decarboxylation heating process to make it easier for the CBD to react more easily with the receptors in the body.

CBD along with other hemp cannabinoids react to the receptors in a biochemical interaction system, which is known as the endocannabinoid system. This system is found to regulate mood, sleep, pain, and appetite. Thus, reacting to these receptors in a positive way means boosted psychological functions.

The Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil

Both these oils are derived from hemp, a type of cannabis plant with low THC (0.3%) and rich in CBD. However, both are different. The easiest way to tell the difference is to see the labels and ingredients.

Hemp seed oil comes from the hemp seeds. It has no CBD although is rich in a variety of healthy nutrients. This oil has omega-3 acid, omega-6 acid, vitamin B2 and B6, vitamin E, wholesome protein, and trace minerals. So, it is not meant for those who want health benefits of CBD. It is for those who lack these nutrients or desire a robust moisturizer or a skin softener.

On the other hand, CBD hemp oil or CBD oil is extracted from the hemp’s leaves, stalks, and flowers, the parts where CBD-rich resins exist. After extraction, it is infused with a carrier oil including the hemp seed oil to give the benefits of both oils. Still, technically, it is CBD oil.

Further, the hemp seed oil is extracted by cold-pressing the seeds via a mechanical press for splitting the seeds and oil. It is similar to making cold-pressed olive oil. CBD oil is extracted using a solvent-based method wherein the solvent is ethanol or supercritical CO2.

Types of CBD

Based on the ingredients present in the CBD, three types of CBD exist. They are as follows:

  • Full Spectrum: Is the extract of the whole hemp plant, which involves pressing and pulverizing the leaves, flowers, stems, and roots to extract the oils and all compounds. The outcome contains all cannabinoids including 0.3% or less THC, terpenes, and phytochemicals like organic matter and chlorophyll. You get a strong taste. All the cannabinoids function synergistically to trigger an entourage effect (working best together). This type of CBD is believed to be the most effective one for balancing the endocannabinoid system. What you also need to know that THC is not essential to get the CBD benefits. It is only a myth. So, if it is a matter of drug test, this CBD type is not ideal for you.
  • Broad Spectrum: Is extracted just as the full-spectrum CBD. However, after extraction, THC is split and removed totally. So, go for this type of CBD if you are concerned about an upcoming drug test or screening. So, it is ideal for government employees, construction workers, nurses, and drivers. Due to the presence of all other cannabinoids, it provides CBD health benefits without the psychotropic compound. However, you need to be careful while buying this type of CBD. Ensure that the chosen brand or company is sharing the latest product testing results from a third-party lab. This is the full cannabinoid profile. It is essential for cross-checking that there is no noticeable THC in the product. You also need to keep an eye on carrier oils, if any, listed on the packaging label. Many brands use hemp seed oil as a carrier oil to ensure more effective delivery to the body. However, this can result in false negatives during the drug test. So, choose without a carrier oil or choose with a carrier oil that has no THC.
  • Isolate: Is precisely what the name says, a single compound isolated from the hemp plant. In simple words, an isolate will have only CBD; it is pure CBD that is extracted typically via the process called supercritical CO2 extraction. In this process, all other compounds, oils, and plant matter are removed. Once CBD concentrate is derived and separated from the remaining plant compounds, it passes via the winterization process. In this process, any remaining cannabinoids, terpenes, and waxes are removed. This leaves us with 99% pure CBD. It is ideal for beginners who want to experience the CBD benefits without consuming any other cannabinoids.

Is CBD legal?

CBD hemp is cultured to contain low levels of CBD and high levels of THC. The average according to research is 0.02%, while the majority will contain over 30% of THC. In comparison, hemp only has trace amounts of THC.

Hemp derived CBD with a content of 0.3% THC was legalized in the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the United States’ Farm Bill. On the other hand, CBD derived from marijuana remains illegal as stated in the Controlled Substances Act. Furthermore, the use of marijuana itself still has legal issues.

In the same bill, certain regulations are imposed for hemp farmers to adhere to. For CBD derived from hemp to be considered as legal, production must adhere precisely to the specifications listed under the state regulations and the written bill.

Simply put, CBD cultivated from hemp with THC amounts that are legal can still be considered as illegal, if it is not grown in accordance to the regulations set by the federal government. With that said, ample research is necessary prior to procuring any CBD product. Have a clear knowledge of local state laws and use it as a gauge to make an informed purchasing decision.

Rather than assume that the laws in Nevada are the same as California, it would be in your best interest to do some reading up and check on the laws first. You can also contact top CBD brands as most of them can inform you if they are able to ship CBD to your zip code.

Main Benefits of CBD Oil

For most consumers, the biggest benefit of CBD oil is that it does not get you high, unlike THC. The precise mechanism of action is still unclear. However, unlike THC, CBD is least attracted to the brain’s cannabinoid receptors to which THC attaches and trigger psychoactive effects. Rather, CBD is believed to affect other receptors such as glycine receptors that regulate the feel-good serotonin hormone and opioid receptors that control pain.

Further, CBD is considered to have more affinity to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system that regulates different psychological systems such as pain, mood, appetite, and sleep. Thus, people have reported feeling a major positive change in their health and wellbeing. Keeping this in mind, following are the major benefits of CBD oil.

Alleviating Chronic Inflammation and Chronic Pain

Chronic inflammation is the cause of several non-infectious ailments such as Alzheimer’s fibromyalgia, cancer, autoimmune disease, and type 1 diabetes. Thus, it is wise to find a remedy something that can target the cause. Luckily, CBD oil can be one such reliable remedy.

Done on mice, a study of 2015 concluded that the subjects who consumed CBD topically to get relief from arthritis showed considerably less inflammation and pain within four days and without any side effects. This was posted in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Further, people who are having chronic pain due to fibromyalgia have reported relief after consuming CBD oil. In Canada, this oil is approved for healing cancer pain and multiple sclerosis.

Whatever research has been done suggests that topical and sublingual use of CBD can relieve moderate inflammation and chronic pain. Thus, CBD can be a new remedy for these symptoms. However, research is now ongoing on humans. Did you know that CBD for pain relief and management has a history of more than 10,000 years? Yes, this is according to druglibrary.org. Thus, it is a promising remedy for pain.

Managing Anxiety and Depression

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says that around 18% of the U.S. population each year suffers from anxiety and around 6% from depression. Its research concluded that CBD oil can aid in healing both the ailments.

Even the traces of THC are likely to lead to or boost anxiety and paranoia. However, CBD is a non-psychoactive hemp ingredient. According to a review in the Neurotherapeutics journal in the year 2015 reported that CBD can reduce anxiety in those with behavioral disorders like panic disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder, substance-abuse disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and general anxiety disorder.

This was concluded via clinical trials and experimental research; no human-based research was done. One of the few human trials was posted in the 2019’s Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry. Around 57 men consumed CBD oil or placebo prior to speaking to public and anxiety was tracked using indicators such as heart rate and blood pressure along with mood test called Visual Analog Mood Scale (VAMS).

It was found that those with 300 mg of CBD showed decreased anxiety as compared to those who used a placebo. However, those who consumed 100 or 600 mg of CBD oil showed no impact.

These positive effects could be justified by the way CBD works in the brain. It works as an agonist in most cases, which means it initiates an opposite response at the time of attaching to the receptor. Possibly, a low dose would trigger a positive agonist reaction; whereas, a high dose would not, as it may overwhelm the brain.

In people with depression, glutamate and serotonergic signals tend to lack. It has been found that CBD can trigger them and help reduce depression.

Soothing Seizures and Epilepsy

It has been already proved that CBD has anti-seizure properties due to which neurological ailments proving resistant to drugs such as epilepsy can be treated.

In 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) permitted Epidiolex, a pure CBD oil product for treating seizures related to Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes in toddlers below two years. These epilepsy forms do not respond to medicines made for treating seizures. Although very rare genetic disorders, they can lead to lifetime catastrophic seizures.

Epidiolex is undoubtedly the first FDA-approved drug featuring a pure form of CBD. It alleviates seizures and even stops them at times. There are online videos of its impact on kids suffering from childhood epilepsy.

Apart from these two disorders, it is still unclear whether CBD is effective in calming seizures or not. However, some evidence exists and concludes that CBD acts with seizure medications like clobazam for improving their blood concentration. This makes the medications more effective as well as improves the patient’s life as well. However, more research is required.

According to one more study in the New England Journal of Medicine, there was a drop by 23% points in the frequency of seizures in those who consumed CBD as compared to those on a placebo.

Some experts also believe CBD can aid in dealing with complications due to epilepsy such as psychiatric ailments, neuronal damage, and neurodegeneration, However, research is still ongoing.

Healing Schizophrenia

It is known that schizophrenia is a critical and complicated ailment that affects a person mentally and then behaviorally. It is usually managed via drugs and therapies, of which the former is said to trigger severe side effects.

However, many patients have found CBD oil to be useful in alleviating hallucinations and the side effects of these drugs. As per the research of March 2015, CBD is a well-tolerated and an effective remedy for psychosis. However, this is just one evidence. More research is required for introducing the cannabinoid into clinical practice.

One more study in the Current Pharmaceutical Design journal concluded that CBD has effects that are identical to a few antipsychotic drugs. It also said that the cannabinoid is safe and effective for relieving schizophrenia.

It is known to most of us that the psychoactive compound, THC, present in marijuana in more quantity than what is legally accepted in the U.S. can boost psychosis. On the other hand, CBD is found to alleviate it and is also likely to offset it if it is due to marijuana abuse.

Overcoming Addiction

CBD oil can assist those with addiction by weakening the symptoms of withdrawal such as nicotine cravings, as per the Substance Abuse journal published in 2015. The researchers went through over 12 former studies wherein the experts agreed that CBD can trigger a therapeutic effect in those with cocaine, opioid, and psycho-stimulant addiction.

It was also accepted that it can aid those with addiction due to tobacco and cannabis. As per the researchers, for overcoming addiction, CBD works by impeding or alleviating THC’s impact on the brain.

However, how CBD impacts each type of addiction was found to be different. For instance, in case of opioid addiction, it was less effective in reducing withdrawal symptoms when THC was absent. On the other hand, CBD showed its effectiveness in minimizing the drug-craving behaviors in those consuming cocaine, psychostimulant drugs, and methamphetamine.

The Addictive Behaviors journal also had published a pilot study wherein smokers inhaling CBD ended up smoking fewer tobacco cigarettes. Further, these subjects showed no withdrawal symptoms. A similar evaluation as per the Neurotherapeutics journal concluded that CBD tends to lessen the symptoms of substance abuse, such as insomnia, mood disorder, pain, and anxiety.

While more research is required, these findings have opened the door of hope for CBD to be an effective remedy to reduce or avert withdrawal symptoms.

Aiding Treatment of Heart Disease

Sadly, the number of people suffering from heart disease across the globe is growing considerably each year. According to experts, it is a leading cause of death in America. While an active lifestyle and a healthy diet are a must for living a quality life, CBD oil now also seems to support this kind of living for heart patients.

As per a study in 2017’s edition of JCI Insight journal, CBD can aid in keeping fluctuations in blood pressure at bay, if it is because of stress. To conduct this study, nine fit male subjects consumed a single dose of placebo or CBD. Those with CBD showed a drop in their blood, both prior to and after going through a stressful event.

Many researchers are of the opinion that CBD can assist heart treatment by decreasing artery blockage, cholesterol level, blood pressure, and stress-triggered cardiovascular response. CBD oil is also believed to keep oxidative stress and inflammation at bay, the critical signs that occur just before heart disease.

Tackling Type 1 Diabetes

This is no brainstormer, as it is clear that CBD oil can aid in fighting inflammation. Thus, it holds true that it can aid in treating Type diabetes that occurs when the immune system negatively strikes the pancreas.

As per the 2016’s edition of Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, CBD can help in easing the pancreatic inflammation. Supporting it, a paper prepared in Lisbon in the same year advised that CBD can alleviate inflammation and defend or delay the growth of Type 1 diabetes.

Easing Skin Conditions

This can puzzle or surprise you but it is true that many experts and consumers indeed believe that CBD oil has a considerable potential to alleviate skin conditions such as dermatitis, acne, and eczema. A few studies have reported that the oil can do so by regulating the production of oil in the skin.

According to a study held in 2014 and published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, CBD aids in reducing the production of sebum. A significant attribution for this goes to its anti-inflammatory property. Thus, it was also concluded that CBD could be the remedy for acne vulgaris too.

Nowadays, you get CBD oil bottles that also contain other skin-friendly ingredients such as vitamin E to revive and protect the skin.

How to Use CBD Oil

Considered to be the most potent, CBD oil especially the full spectrum variety contains all the much needed chemical components that are found naturally in the cannabis plant. These include the entire cannabinoid profile, terpenes and essential oils. Consumers can procure CBD oils with droppers included in each bottle. This allows users to easily consume the oil by simply administering several drops of the oil underneath the tongue and then waiting 15 seconds before swallowing. This technique ensures that the oil is absorbed properly by the body. There are those who experience the full benefits of CBD oil by adding the oil with other essential oils. Popular mixes include chamomile essential oils or bergamot with a few drops of CBD to help with anxiety and depression.

Generally, it takes 30 minutes to an hour to feel the noticeable effects of CBD oils. Potency benefits can however be experienced for 4 to 6 whole hours but of course, this can still depend on the dosage administered. The great news is that there is no strict serving size recommendation. Users can consume varying levels of CBD per day based on their needs. The reason for the lack of restrictions is due to the fact that each person reacts differently to CBD.

For Pain Management

The question most people have on their minds is how to know what amount is a suitable dosage for CBD oil? Experts would suggest that users should begin by figuring out your goals. Take note of the type of pain being experienced along with the degree or severity of pain that is felt. Bodyweight is another factor that needs to be put into consideration. Having an awareness of the aforementioned factors will allow you to properly monitor your first dose’s efficacy.

Individuals who feel mild pain levels can simply start off with a daily dosage of 5 to 10 milligrams. Medium pain sufferers can go for a higher dosage that ranges from 10 to 20 milligrams daily. Now, those who have severe pain can jump into 20 to 40 mg each day.

It should be noted that most studies conducted on humans involve doses that can easily range between 20 all the way up to 1,500 mg per day. So if this is the case, why should a person start with a dosage that is low? Like many types of medication whether traditional or alternative, each person has a different tolerance or sensitivity level. To be on the safe side, it doesn’t hurt to start off with a lower dose just to check a person’s sensitivity to cannabis compounds.

That said, there are individuals who only require small portions to get the desired health results. As a rule of thumb it is best to stick to the starting dose for 3 days to a week. If this works, congratulations! Otherwise, seek the assistance of a healthcare professional before you increase the dose. The standard is to increase by 5mg. Similar to the starting dosage, consistency is the key, taking the same number of drops for a max of 7 days is a must. Beginners should always note down any adverse reaction experienced during the period. Nausea, appetite loss, and dry mouth are the most typical effects.

For Anxiety Concerns

1/2 a dropper of CBD oil administer under the tongue is the standard for people with anxiety. The oil is best consumed before bedtime, about 15 to 30 seconds before nodding off. Users usually increase the amount a little bit at a time until they reach the regular dosage amount that corresponds to their age and size. In most instances, 9 drops of CBD oil three times daily is the way to go. This however does not mean that a person will only require a set amount of CBD to help manage anxiety naturally. People who are unable to experience any relief or are noticing their panic attacks and anxiety increase, it may be necessary to up the number of drops or dosage. Like any health related issue, it is, however, always best to consult with your doctor first.

PTSD, Alzheimer’s disease, joint pain and other chronic pain conditions are just some of the other health issues that CBD can help resolve.

How to Find the Best CBD Oil

Of course, those who are looking to try CBD oil for their health, it is of utmost importance to make sure that the product or brand is the right one for you. Like they say, it doesn’t hurt to be safe than sorry and there is nothing wrong with being extra sure especially when a person’s wellbeing is concerned. So without further ado, here’s the criteria you should keep in mind when buying the product.


One of the most important factors is the concentration of the product. When buying tinctures or CBD oil from a local store or online shops, looking into the concentration tells you just exactly how much CBD is present in every bottle of oil. As much as possible, buyers are advised to select brands that provide a diverse consternation range. This way, you will be able to easily source the correct dosage. Note that ingesting a high potency does not necessarily guarantee that you will instantly reap the benefits, as previously discussed there is some bit of trial and error involved.


Any shopper will tell you that the price of an item is always a huge deciding factor. It is not unheard of for people to associate the cost of goods to be directly linked to the quality of the item. Therefore, an inexpensive product is thought to be of low quality while one that is pricier is considered to offer premium grade. Clearly, the correlation is not always accurate. It is after all possible to find affordable CBD products without having to sacrifice the quality.


Taste is tricky but will ultimately depend on personal preference. If you happen to be the kind of person who doesn’t like some bit of bitter after taste then you should be fine with flavored oils. Otherwise, the unflavored options will be best for those who prefer a natural taste. There is also the option of simply mixing in the cannabidiol oil to drinks or food for easier ingestion. Vape fans would also be happy to know that there are options that allow CBD consumption through vaping.

Extraction Methods

When possible, always select best CBD products that undergo a CO2 extraction process. This method is considered by countless cannabidiol loyalists as the safest way to extract CBD. It is also known as the best way to extract pure CBD.

There are three phases to the CO2 method. The first involves the extraction of plant matter and the heating and pressurizing CO2 liquid in order to attain a state that is supercritical. This then flushes out all the active ingredients.

The second phase begins with the active ingredients being separated after the extraction process. In order to separate the CO2 from the CBD compound, the pressure is turned down. Resin like substance that is sticky and thick is the CBD you are after, the separated CO2 can then be recycled and reused in the extraction process.

Multiple purification processes and refinement results in a better emulsification. Moreover, the third phase ensures that any ethanol is flushed out from the CBD oil.

Consumers can speak to customer service representatives of brands to learn more about their processes. Many top CBD companies provide ample info on their products, including the methods employed to extract them. For the most part, the ingredient list of the item should be indicative enough of the method employed.


Just like the processing, knowing the source of the oil can help consumers determine the quality. The quality of the finished product is after all correlated to the quality of raw materials used.

One of the most commonly used plants is hemp since, it is able to easily absorb anything it gets mixed with. For this purpose, hemp plants must be planted and grown in soil that is healthy. When grown in heavy metal rich soil, hempseed oil and CBD oil will likely end up polluted. Thus, it is equally vital to look for…

Reputable Brands

A large number of highly regarded brands have a tendency to have a premium price tag. The reason behind this is primarily due to the usage of high grade materials. There are several ways to find brands that are great and reputable. One way is to visit the nearest dispensary and speak to staff and even visitors for CBD oil brand recommendations.

Spend time speaking to representatives and retailers. Don’t forget to ask questions such as hemp source and processing methods. Researching online is another alternative when asking in person turn to out to be a fruitless endeavor. There are countless resources that are just as reliable and transparent, threads and forums like Reddit. There are often readers created in discussion boards with the intent of sharing info and experiences on certain brands and products.

Reading online reviews is another way to gather information. Make it a point to pay particular attention to brands that have undergone laboratory testing from third parties. After all, it is not uncommon for reliable companies to post or freely give out test results along with product batch numbers for those who would require them.

Should they be unavailable on the manufacturer website, reaching out to the designated customer service team is an ideal alternative. Lastly, it wouldn’t hurt to read and double check labels for the ingredient list and other related data. QR codes found on the product can be scanned since they typically contain essential info related to CBD.

Customer Service

It cannot be stressed enough how important customer service is. To start off, a brand that provides top tier support is a necessity. Manufacturers that are able to provide their customers with answers to vital questions along with any documents that could verify a product’s purity, potency and quality.

Likewise, the customer support team of a brand must be able to assist in instances involving product returns and refunds. Company employees must be trained to properly explain the full process while patiently guiding a customer throughout it.

With those considered, users must buy CBD items from brands that have continuously shown top notch customer service. Transparency, efficiency, and knowledgeability are key traits customers look for in representatives. Although the priority is to be able to make a sale, representatives should be able to prioritize the concerns of customers first.

Where to Buy CBD Oil?

Obviously it is not difficult to find CBD for sale, especially since there are countless CBD oils available in the market. To say that there is in fact an overflow of goods in the market is an understatement. Consumers can either procure their CBD oil from dispensaries in the area or from online stores. It should be noted that procuring from online shops would entail additional costs for shipping and handling. Shopping experiences will also differ with many noticing how dispensaries can provide instant replies to any queries as opposed to online stores where a response may take longer to get to you. Here is a quick cheat sheet of some imperative questions you can ask when you visit a dispensary.

What type of CBD oil you are thinking of buying?

Find out if the cannabidiol oil you are eying is full spectrum or isolate. Isolates are basically CBD with nothing else add to it. The dosage window it offers is pretty limited which is great for allowing users to fully experience its healing benefits.  On the other hand, full spectrum oils contain a blend of CBC, CBD, CBN, and many more. The blend produces the entourage effect that some fans prefer.

It should be easy enough to verify product type by asking to see the company’s COA or Certificate of Analysis. The documentation will indicate any of the lab tests the brand had conducted on the products.

What is the trace amount or THC level present in the product you are interested in?

Those who are particular about the probable presence of THC whether it be for personal reasons or in compliance to state laws should always remember to ask about it. As a general rule, which CBD contains over 0.3% of THC then it is no longer counted as hemp. Not to mention that any oil that contains more than the legal level of THC can compromise the results of a person taking a drug test.

Is there any proof of authenticity?

Buying online can be tricky especially if it is your first time or if the shop is new. There is always the risk of being brands that are unable to backup their claims or are of low quality. It is not unheard of to come across companies that hawk CBD oils that are not pure or worse, do not contain any CBD at all. The best way to verify a product’s authenticity is to ask for a copy of the lab tests done by a third party. Any reputable brand would have no problem handing this over.

Reviews and ratings from previous customers can also be used as a basis. Platforms like Reddit, Quora, Yelp, etc. can also help you find some amazing brands. There are numerous brands that do not even show up on lists but are actually really great CBD brands. Some examples are Joy Organics, Receptra Naturals, Lazarus Naturals, and Green Roads. Lazarus alone, has a dynamic selection with flavors like vanilla mocha, chocolate mint, and blood orange CBD oils in its repertoire.

How Safe is CBD Oil to Take?

Digestive issues, a dry mouth and some nausea are pretty common after effect of taking CBD oils. Some users have also found themselves with some vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness. Often times, these effects are a direct result of individuals taking doses more than their body is able to handle. As a result, the adverse effects are simply the body’s way of flushing out and expelling the excess CBD oil.

Loss of appetite is not a surprise especially for people who regularly take other essential oils. The feeling and after taste left by the oil in the mouth can easily put anyone off from eating. Over time the issue will pass naturally.

The biggest mistake a person can make is to mix their medication. Certain drugs do not interact well with others. Hypertension medication is one example of a drug that wouldn’t sit well with CBD oil since it has a tendency of lowering the blood pressure.

For the safety of all users, it is best to consult with a healthcare practitioner before adding CBD oils to any existing treatment plan.

Can CBD Make You High?

Novice users often make the incorrect assumption about CBD. The truth of the matter is, CBD oil cannot make a person high. Although it shares some commonalities with THC, each works differently from the other. Unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive, rather, it can help boost focus and improve mental clarity.

Please note that there are some CBD oils that contain small amounts of THC. The reason is mainly because the hemp used contains traces of THC.


There is no doubt that CBD offers users with an extensive list of health benefits and relief from various medical concerns. However, these benefits are only experienced when the oil used is of premium quality, if the dosage is correct, and if it is taken on a regular basis. Just like traditional meds, users will not see overnight results, it takes time and commitment to experience the benefits. It may not immediately end a person’s health concerns but it can help alleviate any severe symptoms being felt.

Of all the existing CBD products in the industry, the Spruce brand is an easy favorite. Not only has it been proven safe to use, it is made from the purest extractions. The company also affords both new and old users with a large range of options. Lastly, it is essential to understand that the potency of CBD oil guarantees a person’s overall recovery. In the end it still boils down to how your body will respond to it.

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