CBD Hemp Oil For Dogs – Which One Is Best For Your Lovely Pet?

Finding the best CBD oil for dogs asks for a little research and education. The good news is cannabis oil can be used to treat many affections in dogs, such as arthritis, anxiety, nausea, seizures, gastrointestinal problems and even various symptoms of cancer. When administered correctly, the cannabinoids in oil interact with the numerous receptors running throughout the body. Therefore, they work on pain, nausea and anxiety.

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Top 5 CBD Oils For Dogs [Fall 2018 Update]

#1 KingKanine King Kalm

Our Rating
Potency (Pain) 100%
Taste 90%
Qualty 95%
Value \ Price 100%

KingKanine is known for sourcing its hemp from USA and Canada based farms. Most of the ones in the USA are established in Colorado. All the hemp is fully organic and free of heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides. The entire production process is fully transparent, hence the amazing popularity of the manufacturer.

In terms of extras, the bottle is specifically made to ensure a proper dosage. It comes with a little pump. It prevents dripping, but it also allows you to give your furry friend the right dose – no guesswork involved. The bottle comes with about 60 servings. Most dogs will do with one or two servings a day – check the informative prospect for more details. Do not exceed the recommended dose. It will not improve your dog’s condition faster.

Effects vary from one dog to another. Most commonly, you will notice higher energy levels, less painful sensations, stress and anxiety. It might take up to a week of everyday uses to notice the first beneficial changes.

#2 OmegaPet Organic CBD HempGold

Our Rating
Potency (Pain) 95%
Taste 90%
Quality 95%
Value \ Price 90%

The best CBD oil for dogs from OmegaPet is among the best selling oils in this segment. It provides quick beneficial effects, but it is also quite transparent. The company has associated with names like CrueltyFree and NoGMO, which thoroughly check their partners upfront. If it has their recommendations, you know you can leave your pet in good hands. There are no chemicals or additives in its hemp oils, but just the natural product.

The CBD for dogs is made using the classic CO2 extraction procedure. It might be the most expensive process in the industry, but it is the purest and safest. The CBD oil is available in a few different bottle sizes. The concentration is high, yet the dosage depends on the size of your dog. Check the informative prospect for proper guidance. When given on a regular basis, the oil will reduce anxiety, chronic pains and stress. Chronic affections may require a continuous use of CBD though.

#3 Restorative Botanicals 4Paws PET Blend

Our Rating
Potency (Pain) 90%
Taste 95%
Quality 95%
Value \ Price 90%

Established in 2015, Restorative Botanicals has gained notoriety due to its affiliation to the Hemp Industry Association. In other words, their manufacturing process is thoroughly examined to ensure they only use organic components. From that point, its popularity kept going up. Today, it is one of the leading manufacturers of hemp oil for dogs.

Unlike other manufacturers, this one aims to enhance its cannabis for dogs with a series of other extracts. They do not react one with another, but they add to the overall benefits over your dog. Liver cod oil represents the most common ingredient in such combinations. The product comes in multiple sizes – from 0.33 ounces to eight ounces. There are 3mg of CBD oil for each serving. Ideally, the dog should get one to three servings a day, while the dose depends on its weight – more info in the prospect.

A regular treatment will heal separation anxiety, stress, anxiety and chronic pains. It takes at least a week for the first effects to be visible.


#4 Serenity Certified Organic CBD Oil for Dogs

Our Rating
Potency (Pain) 85%
Taste 90%
Quality 90%
Value \ Price 85%

Serenity was initially established as an Amazon only brand. With time, its products became so popular that it started supplying large chain stores as well. Today, it is one of the leading names in the CBD industry and just like you have probably guessed already, it also produces cannabis for dogs. Everything is sourced from organic farms – 100% pure and natural.

The range is quite impressive and includes treats, candies, oils and topical products. However, when it comes to dogs, oils seem to represent the most efficient option. Therefore, most products for pets are based on oils.

The dosage varies from one dog to another. It depends on the actual weight. You will have to weigh your dog and follow the instructions in the prospect. What works for some dogs may not work for all of them. Therefore, you might need to adjust the dose after a week or two. The dosage must be given once a day. Shake the bottle before.

The administration is fairly simple – put it in your dog’s favorite food or under their tongue if you can.

#5 Palmyra Green All-Natural

Our Rating
Potency (Pain) 85%
Taste 85%
Quality 90%
Value \ Price 85%

The ingredient list is detailedly given on the official website, as well as the quantities. The list is 100% natural. Also, the hemp is sourced from USA based hemp farms – all organic. Each product is third party tested for credibility.

Dogs are calmer – especially puppies – and lose anxiety, stress and chronic pains. The cannabis for dogs also helps with inflammation after a surgery. The bottles have less than an ounce – 25mg of CBD oil. It should last you for just over a month, yet it depends on how large your dog is. The dose should be given twice a day.

The safest way to give your dog CBD oil is to put it in its bowl and mix it with its favorite food – usually, some wet food.

What to Look for in the Best CBD Oil for Dogs

Unlike traditional medicine, CBD for dogs has no dangerous side effects if it is given in the right dosage. It will never target the liver or kidney, while the lack of THC ensures dogs are not sedated or high. Although you can find topical CBD treatments for dogs, cannabis oil is more efficient. It is normally administered orally. It can also work in conjunction with traditional treatments, as if there are almost no drug interactions to be worried about.

But then again, all veterinarians agree that dosage is the key. As in the case with any other type of treatment out there – natural or not, success is solely depending on the dose. Now that you are aware of what hemp oil for dogs can do, what do you have to look for before spending your money?

There are certain things that can affect the quality of the CBD oil, as well as the efficiency of the treatment.

Hemp Farm Location

Where was the hemp grown? Hemp can absorb anything from the soil, water and air. It means it can absorb chemicals like no other plant. For this reason, top CBD oil manufacturers will mention the location of their farms. Most of them are organic and grown naturally, as there is no way to reduce the toxins that go inside – heavy metals or pesticides, among others.

More and more people turn to organic stuff for this reason. The situation is even more obvious with hemp, as it absorbs everything so much easier. Most commonly, organic farms are established in the USA and Europe, as regulations for what organic means are quite high and strict.

CBD Concentration

Just like for any other treatment or medication, you have to pay attention to the actual concentration when buying cannabis for dogs. Some companies might try convincing their customers they buy more, when they actually buy less. The quantity is irrelevant. What really matters is the CBD concentration in the oil.

Concentrations vary from one manufacturer to another. Generally speaking, top products will not go lower than 250mg per ounce and they will rarely exceed 1,000mg per ounce. It is important because if you buy an eight ounce bottle of CBD oil and it barely has 500mg of CBD, the concentration is about 62.5mg per ounce – not really enough for a proper treatment.

CBD Potency

Curious how to tell if the CBD is perfectly pure? There are only two things you can be 100% sure of in life – taxes and death. At this point, you might need to take the company’s word for it. Fortunately, top notch manufacturers rely on various techniques to increase their credibility. Most of them will get their products tested in third party laboratories or facilities.

Testing is not done under the company’s president’s eyes, so results are normally neutral and straightforward. Therefore, this is a decent indication that the CBD for dogs is actually pure.

Customer Service and Accountability

Whether you want continuity or transparency, a good customer service can tell you whether a company is worth your time and money – especially over the Internet, where many companies can easily hide. Look for a phone number and an address. If you can find them, great. Give them a call and try to talk to a human. If someone picks up or gets back to you in no time (assuming you call out of office hours), you can probably move on with this company.

Furthermore, a few reviews over the Internet can give you some hints about what to expect.


The taste is relevant to a point. Dogs – just like most other animals – refuse to eat things they do not like. If the taste is not appealing to your furry friend, chances are it will refuse taking the oil. Sure, you have the option to put it into something better and more flavorful, such as wet food for dogs. But then, they have such a fine smelling sense that they might spot it.

Hemp oil tends to have an intense hemp flavor. The higher the concentration, the more intense the aroma. Luckily, some manufacturers bring in a few artificial flavors that can mask the hemp aroma. In fact, the best CBD oil for dogs should have no flavor at all, only to ensure that no dog will ever refuse it.

Available Budget

How much are you thinking to spend on hemp oil for dogs? Your available budget will dictate pretty much any decision you make in life and this one makes no exception either. If you are

not sure about the market, it might be wise to look around. Check the top manufacturers and see what the oil goes for. This way, not only will you get an idea about the overall cost of the treatment, but you will also add a few companies to your shortlist.

Is Cheaper Better?

Pretty much never – especially when it comes to cannabis for dogs. How come? Easy! Producing CBD oil is a comprehensive process – simply too pricey. The equipment is complex and there is a high level of expertise required. Sure, you can find cheap CBD for dogs, but easier extraction procedures will most likely leave plenty of toxic residue in the actual oil.

Despite being more expensive, the CO2 extraction ensures potency, purity and quality. It is simply not worth taking any risks, whether you need CBD oil for yourself or your furry friend. Now that you are aware of everything to look for in cannabis oil for dogs, what are the top rated products on the market and what makes them so special?


Bottom line, the best CBD oil for dogs is a concept that might vary from one dog owner to another. Pick a reliable company and a top product, then follow the prospect and slightly adjust the dosage after a week or two if you do not see any improvements.

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