Shops where you can buy CBD oil in Missouri

CBD oil has always been associated with cannabis. After all, it is a component of this plant, just like THC. But since CBD and THC are two different components, one of them cannot include the other. THC is illegal and CBD does not have any, which makes it perfectly legal. This is the reason wherefore it has gained so much in popularity, being one of the most popular remedies against depression, anxiety, pains of any kind and even cancer related symptoms. There are quite a few decent CBD oil shops in Missouri, but some of them make all the difference. So, which are the best rated shops in the area?

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Local Shops in Missouri

The CBD Store

Established at 400 E 18th St, Kansas City, 64108, The CBD Store is currently one of the best stocked CBD shops in Missouri. It supports both Kansas City and the surroundings because customers can also order over the Internet. The counter experience is more helpful if you do not know which product is more suitable to you – the same rule applies to the optimal dose. CBD oil is available in more bottle sizes and flavors. However, you can also find CBD electronic juice for cigarettes, face creams, gummies, topical serums and even pet oil. They all share the same beneficial effects.

CBD Plus

CBD Plus is located at 7422 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, 64114 and is open seven days a week – 11AM to 7PM Monday to Saturday and 12PM to 4PM on Sunday. While the official website includes all the products available in the store, customers can only get an idea about what to expect. Ordering online is not possible, so you would have to get in store. The CBD oil is by far the best selling product in CBD Plus. Luckily, you can find other CBD products if you want something different – tinctures, capsules, beauty products, topical creams, lotions and even liquids for electronic cigarettes. CBD products for pets are also commercialied.

Organic Hemp Botanicals

Organic Hemp Botanicals can be found at 1215 W 103rd St, Kansas City, 64114 and is open seven days a week – short opening hours on Sundays though. It serves Kansas City, but customers can also shop online, so it is one of the best CBD oil shops in Missouri. Whether you shop online or offline, the customer service staff will always be ready to advise you regarding the best product for your needs, as well as the dosage. Aside from CBD oil, you can also purchase tinctures, beverage additives, gummies, capsules, CBD products for pets, creams and essential oils.

CBD of Springfield

Located at 3203 S Campbell Ave, Springfield, 65807, CBD of Springfield features other locations in nearby areas too. You can also shop online for a quicker experience, yet going there in person is better if you are completely new on the CBD scene. The shop is known for the excellent customer service and advice, as well as the product selection – CBD oil, creams, vaping liquids, gummy bears, gels, tinctures and products for pets.​

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