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After CBD oil has been legalized in America, many new stores have been shooting up from where people can buy their pack of CBD oil by visiting the store in person. Tampa is the city in America where CBD oil is sold legally and many new stores were open after 2017 from where quality and superior grade CBD oil can be purchased legally. However, it is necessary that you buy only the pure form of hemp oil and CBD oil that is extracted from the hemp plant and it must be non-psychoactive oil which won’t make you high after using it. Since there are many stores in Tampa region from where you can buy CBD Oil in Tampa, it is necessary to check the reviews and ratings of the stores prior to opting for one. To help you navigate the best stores for CBD oil purchasing here is quick rundown of top rated CBD stores in and around Tampa.

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Local Shops in Tampa

Trulieve Tampa

This is the top rated Cannabis store in Tampa that specializes in superior grade CBD Oil Tampa. This is the store that is located on 8701 N Dale Hwy, Tampa and it deals in all varied forms of Cannabis including tinctures, oil based and more. This store has good price for the CBD Oil products and you will find the working staff at the store very helpful. They are open for 6 days in a week and the business opens at 10AM daily and closes at 6PM in the evening. The consumers of this store have rated this store 4.5 out of 5 and it is considered to be good place to meet your CBD needs.


The Smoke Bodega

The Smoke Bodega is another popular CBD Oil store in Tampa that is strategically located on 911 Sheldon Road, Tampa, FL and this store comprises the largest inventory of CBD Oil in Tampa. The store is not just only limited to CBD Oil products, but you can also find other related products like dry herb products, hemp products, candles, vaporizers, incense and more. Consumers of this store have rated this store 4.9 out of 5 and the staff at the store is also very helpful that support you during your selection and purchasing process. The business operation starts at 11AM and closes at 10PM in the evening.


Kush Cloud Smoke Shop

Kush Cloud Smoke Shop is another great place in Tampa from where you can get the best and superior grade tinctures, hemp products and also CBD. This is the store that is located in 2118 W Busch Blvd, Tampa FL and this store has the best in class collection of CBD and Hemp oil products. The business operation starts at 11Am in morning and ends at 10PM in evening and the staffs at the store are helpful in assisting their customer.


Hot Wax Glass Ybor

Finally, this is the top rated store for CBD oil and other hemp oil products. This store is located in 1524 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL and it comprises the largest collection of CBD oils at fair prices. The business operation starts at 10AM in the morning and closes at 9PM.


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