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Unless you live in a cave, you might be aware of it already – CBD is the latest trend in the health and supplement industry. It is extracted from hemp and it is perfectly legal – after all, it is not the hemp that is illegal, but the THC in its composition. CBD is just another component, so it is free of THC, hence its popularity everywhere – you can find it online or offline, including supermarkets.

The only problem is you have no idea what goes in a bottle. You find lots of different makers in supermarkets and they cost two or three times less than reputable brands. But then, they have no certificates and the hemp is never organic, meaning you also get a good dose of heavy metals and preservatives. Furthermore, the cheap price is given by the small dose – not enough to solve a problem.

A little research will work a long way. When you invest in CBD, you do it because you need it for the various problem – be it a low immune system, back pains, stress, insomnia and other affections. Therefore, you do not want to waste money on a low dose that will give you nothing but the placebo effect. This is when Elixinol steps in as one of the top brands on the market. But, what should you know about it?

About Elixinol

Elixinol was established in 2014. The company is under the parent organization Elixinol Global. It was established by a group of innovative enthusiasts trying to find solutions for problems that modern medicine cannot help. There are plenty of problems out there that cannot be healed – modern treatments are inexistent, failed or only involve rest. This is when CBD products kick in.

Paul Benhaim – the entrepreneur behind this business – is not new to the industry though. He has invested and tried to find hemp solutions since the early 1990s. The company is based in Colorado – known for having some of the cleanest and safest organic hemp farms. The founder’s reputation is also part of the game, as he is known for always putting quality before quantity.

Tests and transparency

Elixinol has a bunch of certificates proving its authenticity and quality standards. Most of the tests performed on its products target the dosage – you know you get whatever the label says. There is no room for misinterpretations and mistakes. After all, low cost CBD companies rely on cheap tricks to make their products look stronger when they are not.

Other types of tests analyze the clean profile of the CBD. Hemp is known for absorbing anything you throw at it. Grow it faster with some chemicals and pesticides and they will become part of it. Heavy metals may also get into the hemp if the CBD is not extracted correctly – another issue associated with cheap products.

Some of the tests are performed in Elixinol’s proprietary facilities. Those may not be too relevant for skeptical buyers. The good news is that many other tests are performed by third party companies in their own laboratories. They are not just unbiased, but also authentic.

Elixinol product range

Elixinol brings a wide plethora of products based on CBD. Capsules are probably the most popular ones – easy to take and with quick effects. CBD tinctures are not to be overlooked either – different types, but also cheaper than capsules. While they require a bit of extra work, powders allow a great degree of customization when taking CBD.

What makes Elixinol different from other brands is the line of cosmetics. You can find lip balms, general balms, deodorants, moisturizers, hand creams, serums, shampoos, cleansers, body washes and conditioners rich in CBD. They come with specific instructions to get the optimal dose of CBD and they are almost instantly absorbed through the skin.

Obviously, there are a few CBD products for dogs too – mostly for elder dogs with health issues, not to mention some innovative solutions like the X Pen. On the same note, some may complain about the fact that Elixinol has forgotten about a few basics. For example, there are no oils in its product range yet, not to mention gummies – a tasty and sweet way to administer CBD.

Prices and discounts

CBD products from Elixinol vary widely in price, depending on what you actually get. Prices are also influenced by two major factors – dosage and size. Cosmetics are usually cheaper than edibles. For example, the cheapest CBD lip balm in this range costs just under $8, while a deodorant is only $10.99. Dog treats are also inexpensive when compared to other brands – $9.99 and $10.99.

On the other hand, stronger products will cost you more. The 5,000mg bottle will be $599, while the X Pen costs $129.99. Liposomes, CBD capsules, CBD powders and the hemp serum are also on the more expensive side of the range, but still affordable for the quality standards they bring in – between $44.99 and $59.99.

There are a few discounts available in the product range and you might be lucky to get a discount code or coupon every once in a while.

Shipping options

It takes Elixinol up to a couple of days to review and process an order, then you have to wait an additional five to 10 business days to get it. You can opt for fast shipping via the national postal service, but you can also opt for classic shipping – the same service or FedEx. Keep in mind that holidays and weekend days do not count. Most commonly, you will get your shipment within a week after placing the order.

If you are curious about prices, they depend on the method you choose, as well as the company. You can do it over the checkout process.

Return policies

Double check the package and its content as soon as you get it. While each package is inspected prior to being shipped, things can get messy during transportation. You can only claim within 72 hours. Obviously, you will have to provide more information and even include pictures. You can also submit a refund request if you are not happy with the product, yet this is less likely to happen. Anyway, you have 30 days.

Returns can be discussed or requested via email or by phone. The manufacturer also states the address for returns on its official website. Everything is transparent and clear.

Website experience

Once on the official website, you will find it extremely intuitive – no fancy features, animations or hidden menus. The main page will introduce you to some of the best sellers, as well as a few pages about the company. You have a top menu that lists all products, details about Elixinol, contacts and a blog under two sections – the actual blog and an educational link for beginners.

Once you go to the products, you will find everything on one page. You can sort products, but you cannot go to particular categories – everything in one go. A bottom menu comes in to help with technical details regarding shipping, returns and other similar information. Overall, registering, buying and paying should be a matter of minutes – assuming that you know what you need.

Customer service

There are a few different ways to get in touch with Elixinol. You can do it by post – more useful if you have to return something. There are a few addresses in the USA and one in the UK. You also have a few different phone numbers, depending on your location. Of course, you have the email address for direct communication or you can just fill up a quick email form on the official website.

If you are in a rush or you only have a few basic questions, you will notice a live chat feature on the official website. It will tell you whether or not a customer service representative is online. If you have someone there, you can get in touch and get the required answers on the spot. Reps are polite and knowledgeable.


You cannot find any reviews on the official website – which is a good thing. After all, which brand will ever post the negative ones? However, the company has a rich social media presence, so you can get some reviews there. A brief search over the Internet will provide a bunch of positive words too, so you can leave yourself in great hands.

“Capsules are excellent for my insomnia. I know what it feels like to sleep eight full hours now.”

“Being a single mom with three kids and a job can be stressful – I can now chill out when I want to.”


As a short final conclusion, it is easy to tell what makes Elixinol such a reputable brand. While it may not have all the products other manufacturers have, it provides high quality alternatives. You may not have too many flavors either, but those are the last things to care about. You get organic products with a high CBD concentration.

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