How to Buy CBD Oil?

CBD oil today has found a place of respect thanks to its healing properties. CBD stands for cannabinoid, a set of chemicals extracted from the cannabis plant. The traces of oil found in them are extracted to make CBD oil.

Despite the proven medical benefits of CBD oil, there is still much speculation about its use as many people continue to associate the oil with drugs. Many people feel it is just another way to use marijuana to get high. In reality, it is another story. The oil is proving to be beneficial to bring about pain relief, to lessen inflammation and even can be used for reducing depression. The oil is also good as an anti-acne solution.

CBD oil has acceptance but not all oils. Only the pure forms of CBD oil for sale can be referred to as the right oil and the other oils that you get are just a solution with less oil and more chemicals. Hence you need to display caution while buying the oil.

If you wish to buy CBD oil for the first time, then there are many factors you should know about. You will get the oil from many places and in various forms but the important thing is to get the genuine product. CBD oil in its purest form is what you will need if you want its therapeutic properties to work for you.

Here are 10 points to understand to help you buy the best CBD oil:


The different forms of CBD oil

The two ways in which CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant is either as a powder or as oil. It is then mixed with cream, gel or any such material. The resulting mixture can be used both topically as well as orally. Thus, you can either use it on the part of the body that suffers from pain or you can consume it as a painkiller.

When buying for the first time, be wary because as there are so many different types of the oil, there are also different brands and products. Two points to focus on the cbd oil are the concentration and the strength.

It is not for all

It is very important to note that there are different CBD oils, each with a different concentration, and with a different purpose. They even come from different strains. There are Sativa and Indica strains. Thus, one type of oil will work for a particular ailment while some other type works for a different one. Even the effects on individuals will be different. What works for your friend may not work for you. Thus, depending on the purpose you have, you may want to get the oil that will work for you.

So, if you find a CBD oil bottle that says the CBD is suitable and works on all, then you should promptly keep it away because it cannot be true.

Organic is pure

Today, there is much awareness about the importance of organic vegetables. Similarly, the purity of CBD oil depends on the growing conditions of the Hemp.

Hemp plants are known as bioaccumulators, which means they tend to absorb the components of the environment, both the good and bad elements.

If the plant has been sprayed with pesticides, then the resulting extracts will also contain traces of the harmful chemicals. Many studies have found a connection between consuming food coming from pesticide-used farms and fatal diseases such as leukemia, multiple myeloma and other forms of cancer.

It is thus important to ensure that the hemp was grown organically without pesticides or any chemical fertilizers. They should be grown organically using natural farming methods. Only such hemp can ensure pure and harmless CBD for sale. Look for CBD oil extracted from hemp grown in the US. The reason is that the US grown varieties tend to be organic and have been farmed as per the guidelines whereas the hemp from any other region may not be organic despite claims.

The THC factor

This is an important point to find if the CBD oil is genuine or not. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and is the key component in cannabis that gives you the high. As per the rule, only such CBD oil that has less than 0.003% THC is legal. Any other oil containing more THC is considered to be as a drug. If you use such oil, and if you are tested for drug or alcohol at work or while driving, you will be treated for working or driving under influence. So, steer clear of such oils. CBD oil with minute percentage of THC does not cause mind altering and compiles with law.

The milligram trick

In other words, check for the concentration level. Different products may have different percentage of CBD but the quality CBD oil will have around 250 mg to 1,000 mg per fluid ounce. Any hemp oil for sale that has lesser amounts is impure.

This is how you can check. If the bottle is of 10 ml which means it contains 10 g of CBD oil, and the percentage of CBD is 3%, then it means the bottle contains 300 mg of CBD, which is good enough. You need to calculate 3% of 10 g or 10000 mg, which comes to 300.

You can also use another formula. Divide the total amount of CBD by the total volume and you will get the concentration level of CBD.

The reason to check out the right concentration level is that more the level, the higher the purity. If the levels are too low, it means the manufacturer has used some toxic chemicals to the mix which makes the oil not only ineffective but also toxic to your health.


Checking of a product’s purity is not that easy. The reason the purity of CBD oil is so important is that impure varieties have both health risks as well as mind-altering effects. The only way to ensure the best CBD oil is pure and effective is to check if the product has been tested by accredited laboratories. You too can approach a third party to test the purity.

Cheaper CBD oils are not for you

Pure things come at a price. Effective and unadulterated CBD oils are expensive mainly because it involves high level of expertise and skills to extract oil from cannabis. Check the cbd oil prices and you will know if the oil is pure or not.

There are cheap ways of extraction as well but they may involve use of chemicals or added elements which will potentially reduce the purity of the oil. CBD oil can also be extracted using cheap solvents but such oil will contain toxic solvent residues. Only that oil that has been extracted using the CO2 process can be the pure one. This is the reason pure CBD oil tends to be costly. At the same time, the higher cost indicates that the oil is pure and comes with superior quality. It also means that the hemp is grown organically in the US and that it does not contain any dangerous chemicals.

The CO2 extraction is the right process

Hemps contain only traces of CBD oil. It is just not similar to juicing a fruit. To extract CBD oil from the hemp, a complicated process is used which is known as the CO2 or the carbon dioxide extraction process.

The only way to extract high quality CBD oil from the hemp is the CO2 extraction method. It requires quality equipment and also knowledge, skill, and experience. In the process, carbon dioxide is used under high pressure and very low temperature to extract every trace of oil from the hemp. Once the process is complete, the high pressure is removed. Carbon dioxide evaporates in low pressure, so the CBD oil thus extracted contains no carbon dioxide and no additional ingredients. It is the pure cannabis oil for sale.

Get CBD oil from the right company

The three points to look for in a company selling are accountability, transparency and adherence to law. The above points too should be applicable to the product.

Never buy from a company that does not look real. It means just having a website and not other information, neither their company address or phone number. They may have a form where you are required to give your contact details but such companies may not be trustworthy.

If there is a phone number or their offline address, you can trust them. Before that, call up the number given and get more information about the product. If they are an honest company, they will give you the right answers and will ensure that all your queries are addressed. That is the sign of accountability. Only an honest company who sells the original product will be keen to entertain their customers.

The next factor to look for is transparency. The pure oil can be sold directly as it is legally allowed. It will contain lesser amount of THC and it will be a medical substance. It will not cause any side effects such as intoxication and will not get you high. On the other hand, a cheaper version or any dubious brand will contain higher levels of THC and will also be filled with toxic substances.

Companies selling dubious products could be shady and may not give you details or any further information. Their products will be cheaper but not trustworthy. They may also publish false claims and they may make visitors to their site believe that the CBD oil that they are selling is pure and suitable to all. As discussed earlier, there is no way a single type of CBD oil will work for each and all. Only an ethical and transparent company will have pure cannabidiol oil for sale.

The other point to note is that if they are making any claims about the therapeutic properties of the oil. CBD oil is used for medical purposes and it has been found to effective in many cases. Despite its efficacy, there is a strict rule from the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration that no such claim has to be made by the manufacturer of CBD oil.

If the company is making any such claims, then it means they are flouting the rules. If the company is not adhering to a simple rule, chances are that they are flouting many other rules as well. If it is not a law-abiding organisation, then their products too will be doubtful. Would you want to buy your CBD oil from such a source?

The right place to buy CBD oil

You can also buy cbd online. There are many sites that display cbd hemp oil for sale but there are ethical as well as unethical companies out there as well. A reputed site will even put up lab tests regarding the product which means it can be trusted. Do not look for any lab tests but only if the tests are done by third party labs. This is an important sign to know if the product is genuine or not because only genuine companies will share the lab results. You can find such sites easily online.

CBD oil is effective and there is no doubt about it but only genuine and pure CBD oil will have healing properties. Since there are umpteen companies claiming to sell the oil, it can be a little confusing to find which one is genuine and which one is not. Look for the above pointers and you will have no difficulty or confusion to get the right product.

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